The IFC Wellness Coalition a (501c3 non- profit pending status/ faith based) grass roots organization that was founded in 2010, is dedicated to confronting many of the life destroying issues that we are facing in Parker County Texas and surrounding areas, with the primary focus being that of awareness, education and prevention on the issues of substance use, abuse and addictions but also addressing other pressing issues as well.

The goal of the IFC is to make a positive impact in the lives of those who are looking for and need to know the raw truth about how to prevent or overcome the myriad of problems caused from drug use in our families by mobilizing all of our community resources and agencies, by developing and implementing comprehensive coordinated strategies for substance use awareness, education, prevention, intervention and treatment. We also aim of partnering in professionals and other health care providers to train many on how to take care of themselves or their loved ones even while in their custody or at home. The IFC Wellness Coalition strives to:


Increase community awareness through education.



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      Organize countywide awareness activities and events.              

Develop training opportunities for providers.

      Support school district prevention efforts.              

Collect donations for other non-profit care clinics.

      Provide volunteer support for patients that needed treatments.              

Partner with home health care providers.

      Increase volunteers who work for the service of others              

Impact public policy by informing local, state, and federal lawmakers regarding the needs of Parker County residents.

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A Little Help, A Little Hope, No Judgment

IFC Wellness Coalition is non-profit and supported by community donations.