About IFC Wellness Coalition

Individual, Family and Community Wellness Coalition

Vision/Purpose: Maintain a faith-based forum, that is a free to the public presence of volunteer professionals committed to helping prevent and end suffering from a multitude of life-destroying addictions and struggles we find ourselves in throughout our lives by holding Educational, Awareness and Prevention Rallies. There is a great need in our communities for a public forum that the concerned parents, young adults, teens and general public can attend to receive free of charge, the facts about all of the different crisis' that aflict our lives from time to time.

A place that is free of charge and covers the real truth and not only informs us of the facts but in a loving and caring way educates us on how to prevent or overcome and survive the crisis using new raw impactful methods utilizing existing organizations that deal with the multitude of afflictions on a daily basis.

Teaming with local businesses, civil services, legal offices, churches and schools we can pool our resources and build on the foundation that was laid over the years to mount an ongoing mostly offensive (proactive) attack instead of a defensive (reactive) last resort, we can help change, improve, and save lives and honor God.

A Little Help, A Little Hope without Judgment